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When I first visited the Arches area, in the mid-1990's, I was like a kid in a candy store.  There was fantastic scenery and subject matter in every direction.  I uncharacteristically "burned" hundreds of frames of film before I settled down.  I was, in point of fact, behaving like a stereotypical tourist.  A few really good photographs resulted from that first trip. But as is often the case with me, I was inspired by the visual potential of the place and considered that first trip to be a "scouting expedition".  After studying my initial collection of transparencies, I could see that Arches, like so many "pretty places", needed a closer look.

In my later trips to Arches, I must admit that I have been largely frustrated.  The usual culprit is the weather and the attendant lighting conditions.  Both the harsh sunlight of completely clear skies and the lifeless light of overcast days tend to discourage my best efforts.  The other culprit is myself.  Sensitive to the time and treasure invested in travel, I tend to hang in there, regardless of the less-than-optimal lighting and attempt some photography.  That rarely pays off.  But, over time, persistence and waiting out the weather has resulted in some of my photographs being "on target".

I have come to see Arches like a youngster sees modeling clay.  The shapes and colors, textures and shadows all tempt me to use my imagination.  I am evolving in my approach to Arches, working to relate my impressions of the many forms and compositional elements to be found at Arches in ways that tweak the viewer's vision and sometimes toy with their equilibrium.

Like so many of my favorite photographic venues, Arches continues to challenge me.  I consider the small sampling of photographs which will be appearing in this gallery exhibit to be only the beginning of my exploration.  Please come back now and then to see how this saga develops.

Enjoy the exhibit! ~φ~ Fred Stevens

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Balanced Rock at Sunset
AR121U - Open Edition



Skyline Arch No. 1
AR111U - Open Edition

Pine Tree Arch No. 1
AR131U - Open Edition

Turret Arch and Moon
AR123U - Open Edition

Skyline Arch No. 2
AR112U - Open Edition

Skyline Arch No. 6
AR116U - Open Edition

Skyline Arch No. 3
AR113U - Open Edition

Skyline Arch and Evergreen
AR115P - Open Edition Panoramic

Turret Arch and Moon
AR142P - Open Edition Panoramic

Devil's Garden and La Sal Mountains
AR321P - Open Edition Panoramic

Skyline Arch No. 4
AR114P - Open Edition Panoramic

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