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Bosque del Apache Portfolio

This portfolio features images of a place where I love to spend time.  "The Bosque" is a world destination for wildlife photographers.  Most December mornings, you can see a covey of photo vests, floppy bush hats, tripods and long expensive glass lining the main pond across from the refuge entrance.  Every time a goose or crane burps, there is a flurry of shutter clicks, focusing motors and film advances as the covey records the event. In the main, I do wildlife photography on an encounter basis, meaning I take advantage of opportunities that occur in the course of doing my other work.  There are two exceptions: buffalo and the birds of The Bosque.  Despite the usual bitter cold mornings and stark sunlight of December and January in New Mexico, I find the time at the refuge to be restful, productive and personally rewarding.  I spend most of my time away from the covey, as the images from those most accessible vantage points tend to be cliché.  I have a few favorite corners where the bulk of my images are made.  This portfolio is centered around The Bosque as a place, often including birds as part of the scene.  For bird-centered photography, please check out the "Feathers" Wild Birds portfolio.
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Taking In The View
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Bosque Grove
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Bosque Pond Study No. 136
BA136U - Open Edition

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About The Bosque
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For bird photography from the Bosque, see the
"Feathers" portfolio in the World of Nature Collection


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