Fine Art Photography by Eva Brown Stevens

Eva Brown Stevens Photographic Portfolio

If I may indulge for a moment...

This portfolio features images by my wife, Eva Brown Stevens.  I first met Eva in 1972 when she was smuggled into a photography class I was teaching for the Cannon Air Force Base Hobby Shop.  She and friend who was an Air Force dependant were going to be photographers for their church.  They came to the class to learn the basics of camera and darkroom.  It may sound corny, but I was infatuated with her from the very beginning and she soon became much more to me than "teacher's pet".  We were engaged within three weeks and were married within five months.  We have been sharing life together for almost forty years now.

Eva is splendid photographer in her own right.  She has a delicate eye for composition, design and color.  Over the years, Eva has been dedicated to our children, our home, her career and our extended family.  But, every now and then she takes some time to do some photography.  I am always so pleased to see her with a camera in her hands.  She always creates some striking images.

I can't say who has "rubbed off" on who.  But, I'm pretty sure it has gone both ways.  All I know is that Eva is the true light in my life and the primary inspiration for my work.  I like to think that she has learned a little from me along the way as well.   ~φ~ Fred Stevens


Fine Art Quality Limited Edition Prints
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WB001L-EBS - Limited Edition
Hummingbird at Rest
 1972 -  Philadelphia PA

YS001L-EBS - Limited Edition
Tree - Grant Lake
 1972 - Yellowstone National Park

WF001L-EBS - Limited Edition
Intimate Iris
2010 - La Cueva, New Mexico


Eva's Flower Portfolio
Fine Art Quality Open Edition Prints
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XX000L-EBS - Limited Edition

XX000L-EBS - Limited Edition

XX000L-EBS - Limited Edition

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