Fine Art Photography by Frederick M. Stevens
The Heritage Collection

Abandoned Dreams
Portfolio Open

Those who followed their dreams came west to build homes, farms, ranches and futures.  Images of some abandoned dreams.

Cities of Gold
Portfolio Open

Images from the Southwest's ancient past.  Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, and more 

Ghost Towns
Portfolio Open

Places along the road to somewhere and sometime.

La Cueva
Portfolio Open

A long history, wrapped in adobe and tasting like raspberries.

La Iglesia de San Patricio
Portfolio Open

Visual Exploration of La Iglesia de San Patricio, located in the Hondo Valley, Southern New Mexico

The Mother Road -
Father Time Project

Portfolio Open

Images from a personal trip down
"Memory Lane"

Portfolio Open

Spiritual inscriptions? Art? Graffiti? No one really can say.  But an interesting subject for a photographer.

Portfolio Open

Detailed views of things from the past, gathering dust and rust, and telling stories

Spanish Mission Pueblos
Portfolio Open

Glimpses into New Mexico's colonial times.   Abo, Gran Quivira, Pecos, Quarri and more

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